9/11 Café & Concept Store: Conceptual, contemporary art space in the heart of Denpasar

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No. 337, Denpasar

Mesmerizing front.

Located in the less well-developed area of Denpasar, this place is quite often overlooked. Parking is available in both the front and back of the building, linked by a tunnel that runs through the left side of the building. The back entrance introduces the contemporary architecture, with square structures and dangling vines that line the walls. The back balcony provides the first part of the café, the outdoor portion, which overlooks a nearby paddy field, and stretches the length of the building, creating an pathway on the right side of building that channel into the outdoor area of the front. The back door slides open to reveal a stylish interior.

Outdoor area feat. wooden staves that double as a balcony railing

The first floor is where the ‘café’ part of the place sits, bordered by glass, rough wooden planks, exposed concrete, and red bricks, which alternates to make up the wall. The floor is finished in titanium-colored marble, which looks like a more premium version of unwashed concrete — neat and sleek. Above, a net-like structure of wooden rods separates the ceiling from everything underneath, creating a gorgeous maze-like effect that disperses well with light. On one side, a long, tall table with about ten stools stand, providing an area for remote working. On the other end, a lounge area sits above a wool carpet, featuring peanut-shaped wooden coffee tables, and wooden-framed sofas with a soft gray-knitted outer. The faint hues that predominate the interior are visually very relaxing, and along with slow lounge music creates a conducive ambience for relaxing. Attached to one of the walls, a wooden stairway lead to a second floor, which houses their concept store.

Impressive interior, superb lighting.

The coffee: The usual piccolo (IDR 32k)

Piccolo (IDR 32k)

9/11 serves coffee from EXPAT, using their signature Nomad blend — composed of Bali’s Kintamani beans. The piccolo was served on a 6 oz. demitasse, and just from upon the first sip, I knew it was going to be a seriously good cup of coffee. It had a strong caramel intro that finished smoothly, with tangible acidity and a medium body. Upon slight cooling, the caramel mellowed down and the cup became generally more balanced, with hints of sweetness and cinnamon popping out. Simply put, Nomad doesn’t disappoint.


9/11, as awkward and uncomfortable as it sounds, was nothing reminiscent of the tragic event that happened 17 years ago. It was instead, a gorgeously built café housed inside an equally artistic structure. It was a place to eat, drink, write, talk, and think. It was a place to remember. The only one downside for me was the constant nuisance of mosquitoes, even indoors. Let’s hope I don’t contract dengue anytime soon.

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