And the potentially devastating effects it has on your body

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My daily breakfast looks a little like this: warm oatmeal, dash of cinnamon, splash of milk, chopped bananas, and a generous drizzle of honey. Sound delicious? I know. I’m a bit of a robot when it comes to breakfasts, I eat this exact same thing everyday. …

A recently published paper suggests so, but do their conclusions stack up?

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Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. For some, they are a daily staple, used to boost performance and curb mid-day slumps. While others, including a growing body of coffee enthusiasts, enjoy them for the culture and distinct flavour profiles. …

Good things rarely come to those who wait


Months of social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic did weird things to me. The lack of external stimulation meant I had to pick my own brain for entertainment. …

To make work and education more entertaining

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The entertainment industry is one of the most rapidly evolving industries of the last decade. Think about the variety of recreational activities we have today, from social media and on-demand film streaming to music, video games, to gaming consoles built into cars. Big bucks and plenty of science have gone…

Theories on our affinity towards unlikely heroes

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Centuries ago, a measly shepherd from Judah was given the impossible task of toppling a colossal warrior.

The giant was said to have been six cubits and a span in height, equipped with a bronze helmet and ironclad armour weighing some five thousand shekels. His arsenal of weapons was no…

Exploring one of intermittent fasting’s most nefarious side effect

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My partner often calls me a weirdo for this, but one of my favourite pastimes is experimenting with my body’s physical limits. As a medical student at my junior college year, I underwent quasi-military training with the first responders unit for six months, pushing my physical boundaries with very little…

Relearning a behaviour humans are naturally born with

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Diets do work for some people. For others though, deliberate food restriction — or more commonly referred to as diets — could ironically be counterintuitive for losing weight.

Several studies have demonstrated that the dieting mindset can lead to food preoccupation, binge-eating behaviours, and weight cycling. As illustrated by this…

And why you tend to regain any weight that’s lost

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Calories Out > Calories In = Weight Loss

It seems quite simple, doesn't it? Considering the above equation is true, there are two strategies to losing weight. One could plan a rigorous exercise regimen to keep caloric expenditure constantly above the intake, or one could just simply eat less.


“Friendship gives flavor to life.” — David Perell

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Last year was tough on all of us.

I was bound to start my penultimate year as a medical student, finally stepping feet into the exciting trenches of the clinical scene and getting a feel of what I signed up for almost half a decade back. …

But can it be justified?

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The vegan diet has gained major popularity in recent times. The diet, often deemed as the healthiest diet in the world, has shown to be able to promote heart health and reduce cancer risk. …

Jonathan Adrian

Junior doctor, writer, photographer, and part-time social media strategist.

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