Alter Ego: Hungry Bird’s little sister

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Gorgeous tropical atmosphere

Alter Ego sits on a piece of land formerly known as Villa Rumah Santai on the crowded street of Jl. Batu Mejan. Their sign is fixed above an awkwardly placed traditional stone gate. Go around it and the entire glass facade comes into view. The interior design is minimalistic, featuring concrete floors, wooden-top tables and chairs, and glass panels as their walls, though the white tiles surrounding the bar did not seem to work for me. An square shaped bar was stationed in the center of the shop, displaying its silver La Marzocco and Victoria Arduino grinder. An artistic wooden piece hung above it. On a little protuberance next to the bar, a square-donut shaped table rested, housing a plant in the middle of it. Above it, vines hung. It was the central piece of the shop. Towards the back, a corridor lead to an exit (or entrance), upon which 2 tables with rattan sofa sets sat, providing an outdoor smoking area.

Coffee: Piccolo (IDR 27k)

Their take on the piccolo was a unique one. Rather than using the traditional ristretto, theirs featured a single shot of espresso. Their house blend was almost synonymous to Hungry Bird’s’ — the “Berawa Blend”, composing of 3 different origins of arabica beans, but processed to a darker roast profile. A tag on the grinder told me that the extracted coffee would have notes of body, chocolate, sweetness, and citrus.

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Piccolo (IDR 27k)

Their piccolo was an excellent balance of milk and coffee. Their supposed flavor notes were shrouded, except for hints of sweetness. A complementary espresso told me then that the tag was absolutely spot on.

Alter Ego is naturally a very good coffee shop. They offer a vast selection of coffee-based drinks (non-coffee as well), breakfast sets, and brunch a la carte. Run by a team of super friendly staff, your stay would definitely be pleasant. Their price is easily justifiable, sitting on the cheaper side of Canggu.

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