Being an South-East Asian, I can’t relate with Spirit and the apparently odious baggage that comes with it, but it does remind me of a couple of local Airlines of its kind here in Indonesia who were equally notorious for providing terrible service and suppressing auxiliary costs to the point of calamitous disasters. The Airlines, which names I will not disclose, were so focused on the margins that they left out major dollars on safety and proper regulation. As a result, their stint was riddled with accidents and mishaps that caused not only major financial loss, but also the demise of the lives of hundreds.

I have not heard of this ‘Spirit Airlines’ before, which is good, because it probably means their activities have not caught headline attentions, which for airlines could only be fatal incidents. This does not necessarily convey good backroom activity, and luck could be on their side for all we know, but my altruistic side wants to believe that they are a respectable and responsible company, and hope they always carry their principles with them into the far future, no matter what economic climates dictate.

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