EatWell: Barn-style burgers

Jl. Raya Taman No. 150, Kerobokan

Featuring a modernized “barn” style design, the place creates the impression of a steakhouse, which means one thing: meat. The place boasts a massive outdoor area with exposed white bricks on one side, and wooden fencing on the other. The furnitures are embodiments of traditional wood and contemporary metal, paired with lamp housings that would make any architect / designer proud — make a great setting for dining.

Burger: Eatwell Burger (IDR 75k)

Their burger features a 200g Wagyu Beef Patty, which I ordered to medium well, but turned out way overdone: very dry, and notably under seasoned. The brioche buns were a good call, butter-toasted on both sides, giving off a wonderful crunch with every bite. There was no sauce within the entire burger, which I thought was rather bold of them, since crispy buns plus dry patty equals, well.. drought. Accompanying the patty were an array of vegetables: lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced onions, and cucumber. The burger did not come with cheese. As it lacked moisture and overall flavour, I had to resort to ketchup and their in-house tartare sauce for that added zing.

The burger also came with shoestring fries — a bit too typical for 75k.


Taste-wise, underwhelming. Portion-wise, substantial. Overall, merely satisfactory.

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