EXPAT. roasters: Coffee experts of Kerobokan

Jl. Petitenget No. 1a, Kerobokan

Expat was a small two-story building located on a bend at Jl. Petitenget. The facade was glass, and boasted a huge “EXPAT roasters” sign on the superior end of it.

Front view

The interior, described in one word: black. Flooring is of cobblestone-patterned tiles, a rare sight for coffee shops nowadays (most rock concrete floors). However, parts of the wall and the bar were concrete. The store displayed their various array of merchandise in immediate proximity to the entrance, catching eyes as soon as people walk through the door, and they come at a premium too, with Expat implanting a great deal of value and exclusivity to their products, not to mention their coffee beans too, which are roasted in-house, one of the best in Bali. Phew — that was a long sentence.

Merch, merch, and merch

The space was an even distribution of bar and tables. The bar took up half the area towards the left, and six sets of tables and chairs lined the right side of the area. The chairs were continuous, lined with black cushions that were fixed on the wall.

Seating from above

The bar was like nothing I have ever seen before. A matte black double-head La Marzocco dominated the surface, residing next to a Victoria Arduino Mythos and a Mahlkönig EK43. Together, they make a mighty trio. As you walk along, you will see a “friendly” bar-table area for both baristas and customers, in a sense that there is no separation between the two parties. Three V60 stations line the bar, upon which coffee will be brewed into right in front of you. Spectating from above, a unique lamp hung.

Mighty line-up

Towards the back of the shop, a stairway led to a second floor — which was reserved for future coffee classes. Everywhere else, there were good hints of stone.

The coffee: piccolo (IDR 39k)

Piccolo (IDR 39k)

Based of a single ris, served in a 6 oz. cup. The espresso blend — Nomad. If you’ve read my review of Mitos, you’d know it featured the same espresso blend. The flavors were super balanced, almost an exact copy of Mitos’. The flavour notes were otherwise concealed by the steamed milk, but I could point out good hints of body.

Neat, ain’t it?

Something to take account of was the pottery they used to serve their drinks. Every single one had the “EXPAT” logo imprinted on it, made me believe they crafted those in-house too. Subtle touches that make a big difference.


Expat is one of the best roasters in the island. Their coffee is undoubtedly pleasant, but they come at a premium. IDR 39k for a cup of coffee is a lot, considering you can get an almost-exact copy at Mitos for nearly half the price. Otherwise, Expat is a good and comfortable place for coffee in Seminyak. And hey! Their service is top-notch.

BONUS: Mbak Yanti doing her thing

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