Five Monkeys: A premium “fast-food” burger joint

Jalan Raya Basangkasa No. 10, Seminyak

Five Monkeys, from the outside, was simple. There was a small sign propped on a utility pole, and another one on the face of the building. The two-storey building was tiny, compressed between two shops. (We actually missed the place on our first go and had to make a U-turn).

Ordering is done outside (to simplify takeaways, I guess), to which payment is immediately done, before going inside to take a seat — very fast food-esque. The first floor has a “bar” seating area which is continuous with the burger station. The kitchen is visible directly from it, with the deep-fryer, prep station, and griddle very neatly laid-out. The walls are covered in colourful children’s painting of monkeys and bicycles, running all the way to the second floor.

The second floor is a semi-outdoor (but air-conditioned) platform which provides 2 more tables and another bar area that outlooks the bustling street. Throughout the place, the scent of charred meat pervades.

The burger: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (IDR 53k)

Which is wrapped in paper (In-N-Out style), and served in a red plastic tray (again, In-N-Out style). The bread was soft enough on the inside, slightly toasted on the outside. The patty (100g beef chuck) ran a bit dry and lacked seasoning, its flavour only elevated by the salty bacon. The onion rings was a neat touch, which added a good crunch to the burger. The honey-BBQ sauce was the star of the show, which brightened the entire burger.

I ordered a side of Chili Cheese Fries (IDR 40k), which I thought was not spicy at all, and came scarce at its given price. The curly fries were appreciably well-seasoned though… and they were quite crispy. I’d have gone for the normal fries (IDR 18k).

Overall, I was satisfied — It was a good “fast food” burger. It’s price matches that of most fast food chains, but quality-wise, they were definitely superior — a good rendition to the infamous In-N-Out.

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