Full Circle: Upscaled breakfast

Like its cousin, Full Circle is a depiction of conceptual modernism. They sticked with their go-to playful naturesque tones for the interior, with indoor plants and wildlife-themed paintings. A rectangular bar forms an island in the center of the area, peculiarly sealing its Victoria Arduino triple head on the inner side.

Your seating options are close to unlimited. You can sit yourself in a dome-like cubicle, staircase bar, outdoor waterless pool, or stick with classic lounge chairs — but why even bother?


I stayed there for brunch, ordered the Breakfast Butty (IDR 85k) and a classic Flat White (IDR 35k).

EXPAT’s been in the coffee business for years now, producing exceptional beans, which translates to exceptional coffee. Simply put, they never disappoint — which applies also for my Flat White. Gorgeous and tasty.

The food was well, a bit on the stingy side portionwise, but quality and taste tells a different story. The Butty is a mash-up of bacon steaks, egg done sunny-side-up, crispy hash brown, propped inside two burger brioches. Scrumptious!

Full Circle serves breakfast all day long. Pair that with their coffee and you are set for a good day.

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