Habitual: The best burger in Kerobokan

Jl. Umalas I No. 12B, Kerobokan

Habitual was a catchy one, it sticks to one’s ear. After being recommended to it by a friend, the word “Habitual” would cross my mind every time I heard the word “burger”.

I had to ask everyone to move for this shot

The place was relatively easy to miss. It was hidden on a bend on Umalas, with only its small neon box peaking out. Parking was adequate, providing an area for 2 cars and plenty of scooters. The facade was dim. Small rectangular metal frames surround the front, with glass within it. The doors was concealed by this genius scheme, uninterrupted with the facade. The indoors was rather dark, and given I arrived at noon, I was under the impression that the lights were deliberately turned off to save electricity. There was a touch of American-style retro into it. To the left of the entrance is a bar / drink station, with 3 bar stools for whomever wishes some extra drinks after their burger session. Above it, some retro-style lamps hung, along with a Marshall speaker that spewed out classic 80s music.

Mister burger doing his thing

A set of 9 tables and chairs were available, with couches on either side of the wall for a more cushioned feel. The table was a simple black metal frame topped by a thick block of veneered wood. The chairs came with the same black frames, with some also available as short stools. The floor is of dark wooden planks, with a small section within the bar be made of checkered black and white tiles. The far side of the wall had a retro Jap-style painting of Long Island (we’ll get to this later), and 3 units of air conditioners hidden within a unique wooden contraption. To the far right of the entrance is the kitchen / burger station, with a small slit separating the kitchen from the indoor seating area. A small cabinet sits just next to the kitchen, displaying a meat weighing scale for the lols.

Burger: LIC (IDR 70k)

“LIC” (IDR 70k)

And guess what it stood for? Long Island City — the city the chef grew up in. The burger came with a side of fries, and looked sizeable. As I took my first bite, I orgasmed. The meat, charred, but tastes bloody amazing. Bread, still soft in the middle, slightly toasty on the outside (I’d prefer it a bit more toasty to be honest). Onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomato in perfect harmony with everything else. What was I missing? The house sauce. Out. Of. This. Fucking. World. Yes, I swore — it was that good. Fries were good as well, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside — all made completely in-house.

Drink: Coconut Water ft. Pineapple & Lime Cubes (IDR 35k)

Coconut Water ft. Pineapple & Lime Cubes (IDR 35k; right)

This is the ultimate refreshing beverage. It didn’t quite seem to pair with the burger (my bad), but it was an amazing refresher nonetheless. The final sips, when the cubes have fully melted into slushies, were the best.

Service was enjoyable, although the waitress did not seem to know what ‘LIC’ stood for (I had to unleash Mr. Google for it).

The bill of IDR 120k (after tax) was easily justifiable by the sheer quality of the burger. Kudos to the chef for concocting the most delicious house sauce I have ever had in a burger. I would definitely come back for more.

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