Livingstone: Croissant game-changer

Jl. Petitenget No. 88X, Kerobokan

This picture was taken seconds before the glorious croissant fragrance took over my soul.

Sharing the space with the Kokonut Suites beside it, Livingstone boasts a massive front. The glass facade takes up almost the entire area, leaving just enough for vehicle entrance on the right. Entrance requires a short hop up the stairs and through a glass door, to which you will be greeted by the gorgeous smell of freshly baked croissants, and an expansive view that extends a long way to the back of the place. Familiar pop tunes play softly in the background, and together with big lamp domes which averts direct glare from the bulbs create a perfect ambience for relaxing work — as ironic as that might sound.

Baguettes and lamp domes.

The design is heavily industrial, featuring white brick walls, concrete flooring and exposed metalworks and aluminium exhaust pipes on the ceiling. The furnitures are of darker shades of wood, and the sofa I was sat in came with plush grey pillows to enhance the serenity. From the left of the entrance, a bar runs the entire length of the shop — on the near end are the croissants, pastries, and cookies, then the red velvets and black forests beside it, and all the way to the back where the espresso machine and grinders sit. Behind where I was sitting, a wooden rack was displaying various magazines and antiquities, creating a sense of nostalgia to an already melancholic setting. Yes, if one could describe the place with one word, that was it — melancholic.

This place is huge.

The coffee: Piccolo as per usual (IDR 39k)

Actually, the piccolo was not even on their menu. A quick trip to the bar and some words with the barista told me that it was indeed available, and so he set off making one for me. The house blend was named “Petitenget Blend” by their creators — Curious People, was what they call themselves. The beans they used came 40% from Brazil, 40% from Sulawesi’s Toraja, and 20% from Ethiopia.

Piccolo (IDR 39k)

The piccolo came in a 6 oz. demitasse and was based off a single shot of espresso. The first impression of the cup was a sense of sweetness — overpowered with steamed milk. Its flavor notes were therefore concealed, and only gave me a slight hint of nutty tones.


Livingstone serves a proper place for many leisurely activities, whether it be enjoying a crispy buttered croissant, sipping on hot coffee, catching up with friends, even doing some freelance work. Their service is very attentive, and an overall pleasure to be around.

Side note:

I bought some croissants for takeaway after my stay, they are amazing.

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