Mad Ronin: The maddest ramen in Seminyak

Jl. Petitenget No. 7, Kerobokan

3 blokes went on an adventure for some delicious ramen. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Captivating front

We spotted the place from about 100 yards, and raced towards it. The facade was captivating, a creative blend of glass and art. With bold colors, the place was vibrant. Inside, you are surrounded by raw concrete. To the left of the door is a seating area that outlooks the bustling Jl. Petitenget.

The noodle station takes up half of the interior, with a bar immediately in front of it, in the same matted concrete finish — that’s where we were seated. Above us, painted skateboard decks ornamented the exterior wall of the noodle station. The chairs were effectively wooden stools topped with black square cushions. Snug. The eastern walls were covered in scintillating Japanese painting, ranging from illustrations of peasants bowing before the emperor, to knights on horses submerged in shoulder deep waters. Beside it, there were an additional 4 tables, seating up to 4 each. Lighting was dim, but adequate. They came from black metal lamp domes that hung above, imparting a dull yellow luminescence.

Skateboard decks on our heads

On the wall separating the noodle station to the southern seating area was an “Inferno Wall of Fame”, a time board for a seasonal challenge held by management. The challenge looks for mad souls willing to get their intestines absolutely rekt. They allegedly serve insanely spicy ramen, and time the mad souls eating them. Losers get a trip to the hospital, winners get a free trip to Japan… after their trip to the hospital.

Ramen: Tori Momo (IDR 75k)

Tori Momo (IDR 75k)

The broth was rich, wholesome, and incredibly savory. There was a clear balance of salty and sweet, and an added hit of spice. According to their menu, these are supposed to be “Hawt A.F. Ramen”. The fact that I needed to add extra chilli cuts and flakes says otherwise (To their defence, I am a sucker for chilli). The roasted chicken thighs were delicious, though they ran slightly dry and I thought they were being cheeky with the amount being served. The soft boiled egg was perfectly executed, tender on the outside, golden and gooey on the inside, divine. They were generous with the noodles, which were firm yet soft to the tongue. I ordered a side of Tori Karaage (IDR 40k), which I thought was quite expensive for its portion. It came with its own mayo dip, but the chicken was a bit dry and sticky. Meh. For drinks, I got myself an ice cold mug of green tea. Refreshing, especially when paired with the warm ramen broth.

Image for post
Image for post
Up close and personal with the Tori Karaage (IDR 40k)

Question for thought: Would you pair hot ramen with a warm or cold beverage?

Service was engaging, the team catered well to our needs, but something happened. I was writing the draft of this review on my notepad, and a clanging noise appeared from nowhere. Next thing I knew, BAM! A blender fell straight on my head. I was shook. Apparently one of the waiters had failed to put the blender on the shelf, and it came tumbling down. What a night.

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