Missibu: Machinery extravagance in a shop

Tamora Gallery, Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 99, Canggu

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Mosaic and pastels.

Housed in a sleek, state-of-the-art estate, Missibu boasts their artistic interior design in mosaic-like patterns and playful tones. The structure is interconnected with a burger joint, an aisle separating the two. The wall is an elaborate fusion of exposed concrete, cinnamon-colored wooden planks, and glossy pastel paints. The long table is marble-topped, bedecked with the same mosaic patterns as one would see with the wall ornaments. Hanging bamboo rattan lamp domes stretch beyond the long table, overlooking the entire area.

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Eventful interior: spacious, chic, vibrant.

The bar is where the real show begins. Towering over it is a La Marzocco Leva, one of only three units in the entire country. The Leva is a triple head piston-drived contraption that looks more like an F1 engine than an espresso machine. 2 Mazzer grinders stand beside it like loyal servants to the king, aggrandizing the scene.

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Bow to the king.

Coffee: Piccolo (IDR 28k)

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Solid Piccolo, I approve.

Every cup comes with the option of steamed almond milk instead of the typical fresh milk, but I sticked with the conventional this time. The blend is an international mix of beans — El Salvador, Colombia, and Sumatra, roasted by Morph in Jakarta, extracted to a single ris, served in a 4 oz. demitasse. Tasting notes to take note of: body, dark chocolate, and some kind of tropical fruit I could not properly discern.


Missibu serves not only as an amazing coffee shop, but also as an audacious bar, restaurant, and co-working space. Otherwise, come for the Leva!

By the way, cocktail happy hours (buy 1 get 1 free) are from 7–10 pm, everyday. Knock yourself out.

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