Okay so I guess we can establish the fact that exercise is good for many reasons — physical and mental alike. But when we turn the intensity dial up a notch, entering the realm of HIITs and cross-training supersets, the fact that our body is brewing up dangerous free radicals is irrefutable, and that could in fact be quite damaging to our physiological well-being. And so it begs the question, is there such thing as too much exercise? If so, how do we find our personal threshold?

From a person that loves physical exertion (I could play football in the morning, have a 60-min gym session in the afternoon, and a tennis match at night), how do I know when I’ve crossed the line?

Junior doctor, writer, photographer, and part-time social media strategist. Receive weekly updates from me ⤵ https://sendfox.com/jonathanoei

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